The Science Of Change

• Apply the “Six Stages of Change” to your intention.
• Learn personal practices to support your daily life transformation.
• Create an Action Plan to achieve your intention
• Enjoy a Conscious support network for continued success.
• Integrate your change with Yoga and Guided Visualization

How would you like to grow this coming year? Do you have a heartfelt desire and don’t know where to start? What would you like to experience more of in your life and what can you do to invite that in or create it? What is the first step to making this change happen?

That is what this workshop is all about. We help you find clarity on your intention or goal. We can help you connect to what is important to you in your life which in turn helps you find purpose and happiness.

Let us help you make your vision a reality!

Join Patty, Janice, and Mandy as they share some fun new ways of creating positive change that will stay with you through 2016 and beyond!

Cost is $35 Cash and Check are accepted forms of payment at this time.

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