CONSCIOUS MOVEMENT is a mindful movement practice that Kathy Oravec leads as you listen to your inner voice and move from the wisdom of your body. There are no steps to learn and no right or wrong movements; simply the chance to move freely to music. Join us as we create a safe, sacred and play-filled space to connect with your emotions and spirit.

GONG MEDITATION is a lovely way of ending your day and week with beautiful gong music and relaxing meditation. Hannah Remy will be lead us through a short movement practice and then it’s time to lay down and relax.

KUNDALINI YOGA with Lena Jolly is gentle yoga postures with breath work  and meditation. A Crystal singing bowl is used to create relaxing music during the relaxation part of class.

FLUID DANCE  with Linda Joffe is a fun, easy movement practice that relaxes your nervous system, energizes your body and awakens your soul through a powerful, fluid dance repertoire set to world music. It is an invigorating class designed to release stress, get loose, and join others in a creative, joyful community of dancers.

We have different types of classes. Our classes include a gentle yoga and yoga basics which are beneficial for both newcomers and a long time yogi. Call ahead if you would like more info.

YIN YOGA with Patty is slow moving, holding poses for a length of time to allow the body to connect to deeper tissues.  We do add balance poses and some movement as well. Props are available for comfort.


GYROKINESIS with Joanne Hayashi is an exercise system that works the entire body through the natural elements of the spine: forward, backward, spirals, and circular, as well as other joint articulation. Breath connects the flow of poses. This type of exercise helps the body move with more awareness, flexibilty, and ease.

MAT PILATES CLASS strengthens your core, the back stability, and creates long lean muscles. Clients move through various pose sequences on the mat. Small props, hand weights, rings, bands may be used.


HEALING QIGONG with Danielle Nance is a powerful system of healing and energy medicine originating in ancient China. Qi means “Life-force energy” and gong means “skill”. Qigong is therefore the skillful practice of gathering, circulating, and enhancing life-force energy. Qigong uses breathing techniques, gentle movements, and focused intention to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the Qi energy flow. A regular Qigong practice leads to better health,vitality, a stronger immune system and a tranquil state of mind.  No previous experience necessary.
We wish you all good health and experiences that create infinite possibilities in your life!