Body Rolling with Mandy Main

Are you interested in creating lasting, positive change in your body? Would you like to practice with a small group that would ensure plenty of individual attention? Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to participate in a series of 4 weekly classes at Radiant Soul Yoga & Wellness.

These classes are designed to open up restricted areas of the body, elongate muscles, increase mobility, alleviate pain, and support functional movement. The number of participants is limited to be able to spend time focusing on each person individually.

Each session will include the whole body but will also have a focus on a specific area (hips, back, shoulders and neck). The sessions will include breath awareness and meditation to allow a deeper integration for profound body reshaping. By the end of the 4 weeks, you can expect to feel taller, leaner and freer in your movement. As if that’s not enough, you will also feel more body awareness and a deeper sense of peace.

There are no prerequisites to join and no experience is necessary. The only requirement is that you need to be able to get down to the floor.

Dates for Body Shaping Series

June 22 6-7pm
June 29 6-7pm
July 6 6-7pm
July 13 6-7pm

Cost for the series is $72. This includes materials for each session.

Contact Mandy at 941-893-725 or
Patty Seidensticker at 941-380-1206 or
for questions and to register

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